How to Buy a Horse

When one decides to buy a horse, they are getting themselves in pretty deep. First of all buying a horse is no walk in the park. There are many areas that one has to look at when thinking about purchasing a horse. Deciding on the type of horse one wants to get is the first step in the process, after that comes searching for the horse, possibly paying a ridiculous amount and then comes the care and grooming.

Here's a list of some things that can go wrong to keep in mind when deciding on getting a horse.

Money is basically one of the most important issues when caring for a horse. Horses eat, a lot. So before you go and buy that new horse for your family or yourself, make sure you can afford to keep it well fed.

As with any pet, horses need to be groomed, have a place to sleep, and need their vaccinations. Unlike other animals though, horses can't be kept inside and be given just a little pillow or blanket to sleep on. Horses need a suitable barn or similar shelter and straw or hay to lie on to keep them comfortable.

Another important consideration is that horses will need to get shoed. So again, be sure to find a place that can take care of that for you.

But the most important issue of all it finding yourself a good horse. No one wants a horse that can't be ridden or handled because it kicks, bites, cribs, or chews on the edge of the stall. Make sure not to buy a bad tempered horse because chances are that the horse's attitude won't change and it will remain that way.

Some horses may not be trained which may make them seem like they're fine for the basics such as letting you put on a saddle, they may not have an understanding of commands when riding which may pose a risk to the rider. This sort of horse is referred to as green broke.

Be sure to check on the horse's overall health as well. If you are one who imagines racing around somewhere on the horses back and the horse's legs or ankles are weak then they may only be able to slowly trot around and be the complete opposite of what you intended to do with them.

So now comes the upside of buying a horse. In order to make the best decision about the right horse one should be wary about buying a horse out of any old newspaper or at an auction. The best way to be sure you're getting what you want is to attend horse shows and ask people who have spent time around them and know what they're talking about. Some perks about this not only include learning more about horses but you may even get the chance to purchase a horse from an owner who is looking to upgrade for a faster or flashier horse and the horse they're looking to sell may be just what you're looking for.

After getting your horse its time for the vet. You'll want your horse to be checked over for any hearing, eye, teeth, or heart defects. Also, have him give the horse a whole body inspection to be sure the horse is healthy as can be. Finally be sure the horse is generally a good fit. Mount him and check to see if it can follow commands well or has any bad habits you'll want to have corrected.