Save a Horse

Just like dog lovers do their best to save other canines from cruelty, those interested in horses should do the same. Unfortunately, most equestrians do not realize the cruelty that is occurring everyday to their precious horses. Fortunately, there is a lot that can be done to help these neglected horses and to allow them to live full, healthy and happy lives.

A nurse mare foal is a horse that was born simply to allow the mother to produce milk. The reason that this industry needs milk producing mares is to nourish traveling thoroughbred and more expensive foals. For example, a mare gives birth to a beautiful thoroughbred young foal that will be used as a racing horse. She must be rebred within a month in order to birth another racing foal within a year and due to the Jockey Club restrictions, the mare must be bread under "live cover." Live cover requires the mare to travel to the stallion and prohibits artificial insemination and insurance prohibits a foal to make this trip with the mare. Because the foal will essentially be orphaned at this point, it is the nurse mare's job to nourish and raise this foal and to do so she must have birthed a baby herself. The foal of the nurse mare is usually killed as its only purpose was to allow the mare to produce milk.

The nurse mare foals can be used for many different things such as hide and fur in the textile and fabrics industries and the meat is considered a delicacy in certain countries. Unfortunately, these young foals will never get to live a full, healthy and happy live. Fortunately, there are some organizations that help orphaned nurse mare foals and try to allow them the life a horse deserves.

These organizations stay in contact with nurse mare farms and buy as many nurse mare foals as possible. Raising these babies is a very complex and expensive process. Young foals are in need of a large quantity of milk and nutrition that is difficult to provide without an actual mare. Foals that are in very bad health are put under the intensive care of veterinarians and require anywhere from $75 to $100 per day to keep alive. However, once the health of the baby is stabilized, the costs decrease tremendously.

The organizations that rescue these types of foals are always trying to find great homes for them and usually charge very little for their horses because they are non profit. If you are thinking about buying a new horse, then think about buying a nurse mare foal and think about saving their life. Every horse deserves a full, healthy and happy life and you can give that to a foal that would never have experienced it otherwise.