Name: Pharlap
Nickname: " Bobby", Big Red or Red Terror
Breed: Thoroughbred
Breeding: Night Raid - Entreaty (by Winkie).
Born - Died: Timaru, New Zealand, 4 October 1926 - Menlo Park, California, April 5, 1932.
Sex: Gelding
Colour: Chestnut
Country Born: New Zealand
Owned By: American - Mr David Davis & HR Telford
Trained By: Harry Telford
Country(s) raced in: Australia and Mexico
Race Record: 51 starts, 37 wins, three seconds and two 3rds.
Claim to Fame:

Pharlap was unbeaten at 1¼ miles (seven wins); 1½¸ miles (eight wins); 1¾ miles (three wins) and 2¼ miles (one win). He also won four races from six starts at two miles, including the 1930 Melbourne Cup with 15 lb. (6.8 kg.)

An Australian National icon, Pharlap was one of the greatest horses to ever race in Australia. Born in a little place called Timaru in New Zealand he was sold for only 160 guineas (approx US $130) and taken to Australia where he did most of his racing.
Phar Lap became a very public horse due to much drama and controversy that seemed to follow him including being shot at by criminals on the morning of the 1930 Melbourne Cup!

Unfortunately he died tragically in California USA under mysterious circumstance at only 5 years old only days after defying the odds to win an international race at Agua Caliente in Mexico.

Phar Lap beat top competition on two continents in such impressive fashion that his achievements will be remembered for many years to come.